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At last, a politician who speaks sense about vaping.....

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What the presidential campaigns offered vapers and the impact of the new presidency on vaping

Vapers and the companies behind the vaping technology are certainly a worried lot. For months, vapers have sought answers about the future of vaping from politicians. The implementation of the FDA regulatory stranglehold will destroy the entire vaping industry in less than 3 years. This move will spell doom to the 9 million people who use e-cigarettes and the 12,000 companies that meet the vapers’ demands in the US alone. In a bid to save their interests, vapers and companies alike have filed lawsuits and even adopted legislation in a bid to minimize the ripple effect that will be caused by the Federal Agency ruling that doesn’t consider scientific evidence.

The United Kingdom is embracing vaping as a way to enable smokers to quit their addiction. Experts from the Royal College and senior government officials have endorsed vaping and even termed it as a public health gift that is 95% less harmful. On the other, vapers in the US have been left in the dark not knowing what the next president has in store for them.

Throughout the campaigning period, all that the presidential aspirants ever did was to mount attacks on each other’s personal lives on national television. The presidential candidates completely disregarded a strong voting bloc that consists of 9 million vapers which have suffered infringement of their rights courtesy of the federal government’s ruling.

Statement from the office of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

Following persistent efforts by the owner of Cloud Chasers Inc.; Kurt Loeblich, the office of Johnson and Weld released a statement supporting vaping. According to Jim Wallace the national campaign director of Johnson and Weld, the aspiring candidates fully support vaping as an alternative to smoking and even acknowledged that the vaping industry has upheld the spirit of entrepreneurship. Johnson and Weld were the only candidates who put the vaping industry into consideration. In addition, the Johnson and Weld leadership would also safeguard the interests of other industries whose existence is being threatened by the Federal Government.

Vaping technology has definitely saved a lot of lives by enabling smokers to quit the self-destructive habit.

So, what next for the vaping community?

It is high time vapers came together and proved that they are also a massive force to reckon with. This will require vapers and the vaping companies alike to stand together and pass a strong message that the vaping industry is not only a great way to improve the economy, but also it has helped changed the lives of many smokers. Now that the “free world” has a new president, all that can be done is to wait and see whether he will consider the plight of vapers.


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