About us

Vapetime UK was established in May of 2012 with the specific passion to help people give up smoking and helping smokers make the switch to a safer alternative offering the right guidance throughout a smoker’s vaping journey.

We celebrate when our customers tell us they have successfully given up smoking and vaping through our support and guidance.

At Vapetime we are particularly fussy on the products we choose to sell and we only sell items we have complete trust in, vaping products we would use ourselves. Everything we buy is fully tested to ensure performance is up to our standards.

We check for all the following to ensure our customers get a quality we are happy with:

On E-cig mods we look for mod chip accuracy, durability of the device, value, battery life, functionality and of course aesthetics, which are also important.

On tanks we look for coil availability, longevity, durability, flavour, ease of use and we hate all tanks that leak.

On E-liquids it is slightly more complicated but the core things we look for are amazing flavour variety, base quality, nicotine quality and coil life.

For Smokers:

To help with the transition for smokers to give up we offer consultative advice to ensure customers who get in contact, get a flavour they love, a vaping set up that suits their budget and advise on the potential style of vaping they might prefer, dependant on their smoking habits. We also offer advice on nicotine strength to match their smoking dependency and advice and guidance on how to drop strength effective, should they want to give up vaping and nicotine as a whole.

For existing vapers:

We are also always fully contactable to advise existing vapours to find new exciting flavours, help them advance to be self reliant, for those interested in coil building, all advanced device settings to include temperature control and benefits and to advise on all the different experiences available through different atomizers, drippers (RDA), rebuildable tank atomisers (RTA, RDTA), rebuildable squonk atomizers (RSA, RTSA) and advanced mod device chips (Evolve DNA, Yihi SX Mini, Dicodes)


We are always contactable for a consultative chat Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm on 0203 3718184


Or get in touch here: Reach out to us


We are waiting for your call to help you with your transition to a healthier lifestyle.