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Still wаіtіng for a UK rеvоlutіоnаrу online shopping website for high end vaping devices? Wеll, wаіt no more. Vapetime UK іѕ hеrе wіth an amazing рlаtfоrm thаt nоt only lets уоu ѕhор fоr your ѕtуlе but аlѕо lets уоu shop for the best quality. We’re the premier source for high end vaping devices, rare handmade vaping hardware all the way through to beginner reliable e-cig devices.

At Vapetime, our goal is to bring you a variety of fully tested electronic cigarettes, mods, rare and advanced vaping equipment with a consultative and informative approach to help you get the most out of your choices and tailor this to your vaping style and needs.

Best Selling Premium Eliquids for Better Experience

We understand every customer has different reasons, wants and needs, whether you are just getting off the cigarettes now or you are looking to leap into something with a more premium feel, lifespan or would just like something beautiful that performs seamlessly. Whatever your reasons are to take up vaping or discover the products we carry, we are here to help direct you to what is right for you. We always advice people to get in touch if they are new to vaping or have any questions to enable us to find each individual the right hardware products or eliquid strengths or flavours. You can reach out to us here enquiries@vapetime.co.uk or call our expert customer services on 0203 3718184.

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For beginners, we offer both genuine Aspire hardware, Youde Technology (Also known as UD) and few other carefully selected devices for specific reasons like shockproof, waterproof and larger battery capacity options like the Geekvape Aegis for anyone working within the trades. These are reliable, hardwearing, innovative and great for everyday use. Some of the items both Aspire and UD offer also cover more advanced user items to enable you to advance slowly if your vaping takes you there.

For the more advanced users, we offer accurate ecig mods in the form of Yihi SXmini, Vaporshark, and Lost Vape. They offer zip charging in many cases, temperature control and high wattage outputs to accommodate all types of vaping styles.

Then for the high-end rare products, we offer beautiful things which many are handmade, crafted by experts in small unique batches with not only aesthetics and beauty in design in mind but also high performing flavour chasing vaping for those experienced vapers who have become connoisseurs of vaping and enjoy the luxurious things. In this range, we offer a mixture of regulated mods, mechanical squonking mods, and Mechanical pipes from hugely reputable manufacturers from all over the world. These include Odis Designs from Canada, Limelight Mechanics from Serbia, VaporGiant from Austria, E-phoenix from Switzerland, Titanide from France and Bomber tech from Asia. We also have many other nice things in our sights.

World Class Customer Support - Premium Eliquid

Vapetime іѕ a technology-based rеtаіl соmраnу оffеrіng сuѕtоmеrѕ a wіdе vаrіеtу of high-quality рrоduсtѕ, аt a great vаluе, wіth ѕuреrіоr сuѕtоmеr ѕеrvісе. Wе ѕtrіvе to provide оur customers with quаlіtу рrоduсtѕ at thе bеѕt prices possible. All the whіlе, wе mаkе аll еffоrtѕ to give them a level оf service that thеу will nеvеr fоrgеt, mаkіng thеm wаnt tо come bасk fоr mоrе. We understand that everything within the vaping industry, like many things in this world, is subjective to taste and as such we will never push a product onto you, we will advise on products best suited to your needs and vaping style to ensure that we maximise your success and enjoyment in vaping. We always offer aftercare and support along the way whether it is to advance to more complicated devices, atomizers or finding the right eliquid flavour and strength. We welcome any questions vape related whatever they might be, so always feel free to reach out any which way works for you and one of our knowledgeable staff will always be on hand to help.

Understanding Vaping In Detail

As a beginner or intermediate vaper, we offer a variety of options in the genuine Aspire range which is a great place to start. Aspire Ecigs have been one of the leaders in entrance point and intermediate devices in the form of tanks, mods and ecig kits since their entry into the market in 2013, with great innovation and a strong focus on manufacturing quality. They are easier to master and come with few issues.

Also within our intermediate selection, we offer Youde Technology products also known as UD which stands for “Unification of Design.” We have been working with UD several years, and this is another company that is hugely innovative with great manufacturing quality and quality control.

UD offers some great devices which could be suited to either technically natured new starters, but also cover the intermediate to advanced user with self-sufficient re-buildable tank and dripper devices. We would recommend these products to anyone looking to take the next step up from entrance vaping equipment into the more advanced arena. Everything UD produce has great functionality, is durable and well manufactured with excellent machining and care through the production process.

We then offer the more advanced ecig mods, these are hugely accurate, tend to last longer if looked after and offer temperature control and higher wattages and cover for all vaping styles.

SXmini – Yihi is the most premium brand from China, and when you have one of these in your hand the manufacturing quality shines. You can immediately see what you are buying into with their presentation, reliability and immense accuracy of the devices they produce. Many of these devices have high-speed zip charging, power curves, PC and mobile phone blue tooth control offering more punch and a huge variety of settings to fine tune your vaping experience. Yihi introduced the M Class some years ago, and since then their reputation has grown from strength to strength with the ML Class, Q Class, Q Mini and now the amazing G Class which is available in Carbon Fibre, Kevlarand various limited edition Camouflage finishes.

VaporShark DNA Devices are from Miami and have boasted the industry standard legendary Evolv DNA chip. Founded in 2012 they are an older company which backs up everything they do with great customer service and also produce high-quality devices. VaporShark offers a large variety to tailor to more advanced vaping needs to also include zip charging, accurate temperature control, and higher wattages. The VaporShark first released the DNA30 which was a huge success with an easy to use functionality and chip, and now they have dramatically evolved with the same reliability on more recent devices like the rDNA60, DNA75 Switchbox, rDNA166, Vaporflask DNA166 and DNA250.

Lost Vape DNA Devices from China are one of the limited companies in China who install DNA chips into their devices as well as one of their chips to in the likes of the Sirius 200 watt mod. The Lost Vape DNA mods have lots of nice accessories to change the aesthetics to a different look and feel. Coupled with all the great accessories available they have several setups to include Dual battery Squonkers, Single battery squonks, dual battery and single battery devices. All of the mods Lost Vape offers are fully regulated so regardless of which style of vaping you would like, these offer good battery life and all work like the industry standard Evolv DNA Chips. With so much variety we are spoilt for choice with Skar DNA75, Therion DNA75, Therion DNA75c, Therion DNA75 Squonker,Therion Squonker DNA75c, Triade DNA250 and lastly the Drone DNA166 Squonker, so you are bound to find one that will meet your specifications.

What Does High-End Vaping Mean To Us?

Here at Vapetime, we have tried many vaping products on the market and you are after something which is a piece of art or beauty, something that will potentially last forever (As long as you service it and look after it), something that was produced in very small batches and something that often is unique. These are mostly re-buildable for tanks and dripping atomizers and are hugely versatile dependant on how the consumer would like to use their device. See more on building your own coils here: Coil Building: A Beginners Guide

Odis Designs are all handmade in Canada. Odis started as a beautiful drip tip maker and still do make the finest drip tips. Their products are predominantly flavour chasing hand and machined made atomisers and include some of the very best in the industry in the form or RDA or drippers with the O-Atty 16mm, O-Atty 22mm, and the O-Atty 25mm and more recently O-Atty V2, all of which deliver great vapour production and superior flavour. Then for tank orientated fans Odis produce the recently released Tanko and the O-Genny V2 both of which are amazing on flavour and quality. Odis also produce amazing hand-crafted parts for other high-end mods too, like Narda RDA cap, Billet Box buttons, a Billet Box Building deck (Flo-Ti). We also have various mods from Odis available on both mechanical and regulated which again are made with the finest materials to include the chip which is normally either Evolv DNA or Yihi SXmini and these include the Eros and the BSFB squonker and more are due to be released soon; If you are looking for something special, Odis Design is a fantastic choice and the ultimate in flavour chasing atomizers.

Limelight Mechanics are handcrafted unique Mods and Pipes from Serbia. These are spectacular finishes and again like Odis Designs are made in small batches which make them very difficult to get hold of. Limelight has a variety of very sought after mechanical squonkers firstly with the Gloom which is a made from a military grade material which is very hardwearing giving the Gloom a smooth finish and feel. Limelight Mechanics also makes the completely unique Stabwood Freehand S squonkers and the Walnut Wooden Freehand squonkers, and you can rest assured no one in this world will have one the same as yours. The mechanical Limelight Purple Orchid E-Pipe is another thing of beauty made in Walnut with a variety of finishes coupled with a nice low profile rebuild-able tank and a Honeysuckle mouthpiece; this is any E-pipe fans dream kit. In the regulated mod section Limelight produces the Pylon mod which is again superbly finished fitted with a highly reputable German Dicodes FL80 60 Watt chip. The benefits of high end on finish and connectivity are completely obvious when you start using them, but another great thing with all high end vaping products is the service you receive. It is exceptional with every high-end manufacturer, but Limelight Mechanics is the only company to date that offers full lifetime warranties. This means anything you purchase from Limelight Mechanics will outlive anything else you have bought as long as they are still operating.

E-Phoenix is a high-end rebuild-able tank and dripper RDA manufacturer based in Switzerland. E-Phoenix is a small family owned businesses that have a passion for precision and quality. All their tanks are renowned for being hard to get hold of and are often made of gold, black gold, silver or stainless steel. These are hugely collectible and are predominantly focused on flavour chasing although you will still get great vapour production in everything they do. The most premium tank they offer is the E-Phoenix Firebird which comes in 24-carat gold, black gold, white gold with a mixture of titanium offering an exquisite finish if you would like a treat. Then we also have the Hurricane Junior which is more for the high-end user every day use and the newest model Hurricane V2 both made with the standard of quality you would expect from Switzerland.

Vapor Giant from Austria is another great rebuild-able tank company with a reputation for versatile, very well made rebuild-able atomizers. Most of the Vapor Giant tanks are restricted to lung hits or mouth to lung and are all focused again on flavour chasing. In this range we currently have not just a great selection of tanks but also many parts to enable you to adapt the airflow, tank size as well as all the spares to refresh washers, insulators, building decks and the list of parts goes on.

In the Vapor Giant range we have the Kronos V1.5 which offers amazing flavour and a looser draw, then you have the Vapor Giant Mini v2.5 in Marble which has a spectacular finish, as well as the standard Vapor Giant Mini 2.5 then we have later editions to include Vapor Giant Mini V3, Vapor Giant Mini V3 Design 2, Vapor Giant Mini V3 Marble and lastly the Vapor Giant Mini v3 Nano Edition.


Happy Vaping......We are waiting for your contact to help you optimise your successes and enjoyment in vaping!


Thanks for reading. Vapetime Team.