We take great pride in what we do here at Vapetime and we rigidly test all our batteries thoroughly to make sure they are of a specific quality that meets our standards.The majority of our batteries have gold plated connections which is a great conductor making the connectivity very good which is such a critical factor to a good vaping experience.

All standard output batteries we offer including 350mah, 650mah and 900mah all show depletion levels via the button to ensure you know where you are with your charge.

We check all the rechargeable batteries inside prior to selling these to you to also ensure these meet a quality standard which separates our batteries from standard everyday ego batteries on the market. All of our batteries also connect with all our attachments to ensure you don’t buy anything from us which is not compatible.

Lastly we specifically only use these batteries ourselves and would not sell anything to any of our customers we are not happy to use on a daily basis.

All our batteries have a warranty of 30 days from purchase on functionality but this does not include breaking, misuse, and lack of care as all these things need looking after. 

NOTE: Never over tighten your battery onto the charger as this may move your connections around.

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