The best vape combination to give up smoking

Here at Vapetime UK, we set up this business 10 years ago, with a passion to help people give up smoking. After all, this is what vaping has always been about, and now vaping as an industry seems to have lost its way for many. We always used to have over a 90% success rate, and since the huge wave of products came onto the market this success rate has diminished with a huge array of confusing options, low nicotine products and inferior quality. 

Used correctly, with the right products, we can help you! You don't need to spend a fortune but you do need the right products and a want to give up smoking to improve your health and save a huge amount of money. 

Propaganda surrounding vaping is rife, disposables are full of fruity and candy like flavours, they are unsatisfying, expensive overall, terrible for our environment and many looked directed at children, so we understand what a smoker needs to succeeded. 

You need easy to use kit, and a quality e-liquid made to the very best standards with the best cleanest nicotine that actually satisfies your craving to enable you to quit. 


If you have questions, we are here to help. Call Paul or Liam on 0203 3718184. 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 


Question: What Strength do I need? 


  • For  15 to 20+ cigarettes per day    18mg or 20mg (Salt)
  • For  8 to 15 cigarettes per day        12mg or 10mg (Salt)
  • For  4 to 8 cigarettes per day          6mg or 10mg (Salt)  

Question: What is the difference between Nicotine Freebase and Nicotine Salt E-liquid's?


It all started with Freebase e-liquid years ago and this provided the most success historically. Freebase has a slight bite on the back of the throat (Called throat hit) which many smokers need to be satisfied. 

Nicotine Salts have more impact as you ingest them faster and tend to carry less bite and are smooth, we would recommend nicotine salt e-liquids for heavier smokers as a rule but both work well. 

Question: What difference does a quality brand offer?


Firstly, a quality tried and tested hardware kit with consistency, ease of use and the right performance level for your needs is essential. In regards to e-liquids  - we select ours very carefully. We base our selections on quality base, authentic flavours and the cleanest of nicotine. A true testament to this is the coil / filter life, hit level and performance. 

Question: How long will my hardware last? 


We try our very best to manage expectation here. As a rule of thumb we would suggest for every £10 you spend on hardware, if it lasts 1 month for every £10 spent this is £2.50 per week of optimum performance. So comparatively to smoking this is huge value for money.

In regards to e-liquids this is very much like gaging fuel in a car, how much mileage are you going to do? 

It is important to meet your comparable nicotine dependency through smoking, please see question 1 above.


 Good Luck in your journey to a healthier life style.