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Study on Smoking and Vaping During Pregnancy

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Professor Linda Bauld made a speech recently about electronic cigarette and smoking used and practiced respectively during pregnancy. He quickly clarifies, based on benefits, the advantages of vaping replacing smoking via technology. Professor Bauld has never been left spent of promoting safety on the use of nicotine. In 2015, Linda was encouraging switching, “despite the unavailability of information on safety in pregnancy,” because “there is a progress update of the possible promise made to stop smoking in non-pregnant populations. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency has both made it crystal clear that vaping devices are less dangerous than the continued use of tobacco.”

Linda gave a speech on scientific safety trial based on vaping during pregnancy. She said, “2 in 10 pregnant women do not reveal that they indulge in smoking and this made it difficult to call for support on quitting. 5,000 miscarriages, 2,000 premature births, 300 perinatal deaths are caused by smoking in pregnancy every year. Smoking in pregnancy can also lead to the baby’s poor health after birth. However, smoking in pregnancy contributes to the mother’s death prevention.

In Poland, Bauld addressed Nicotine Global Forum where she highlighted the need for smoking among the populations that are currently experiencing concerns on mental health and smoking effects on individuals that are expecting a baby. Pregnant women globally found smoking beneficial, enjoyable, and pleasurable before because it enables them to cope. This hereby makes them a large stigmatized group with a little degree of stigma.

Bauld highlights further the relationship between the toxins level and the smoking length that can be found in the fetal circulation (from seven weeks). How lengthy the mother smokes determines how high the toxins level the growing baby is vulnerable to.

Bauld explains further saying that the best alternative to smoking for pregnant women is vaping. She buttressed her idea with proofs from the SNAP trial (test carried out for the effectiveness of nicotine replacement patch or should not be used in pregnancy) which reveals that no single NRT product was effective to aid the support to quit smoking in women.

There are a lot of reasons that begot this; we should know that there always an increase in the urge to smoke more due to the decomposition of nicotine by the body during pregnancy. Also, there are reports that show that women don’t feel comfortable with the proper use of NRT patches. The most important part of the trial, for Bauld, happens to be the measures that should be taken after birth - survival of a two-year-old baby without impairment detection. “This provides a proof that it is ideal and accepted to say that it is safe to use nicotine replacement as a medical aid during pregnancy. It is safe and “not safer” because it might not be more effective which is of importance.

Regardless the official stance, up to 8 of 10 pregnant women that turn up at the quit service in Leicester have made up their mind to quit smoking and switch to vaping. – Comparison of 25% rate nationwide.

A lot of women detest NRT. It’s useless. Avoid it. Babies are dying currently from the complications associated with tobacco. Therefore, it is sensed that it is not possible to hang around and keep waiting for the trial outcome. So, it is best advisable for women to give considerations to switch to vaping if they can’t quit smoking.  


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