Altria Shows the FDA How to Kill the Vaping Market

Published by Paul Larter on 7th Nov 2018

Atria, a major industry in the tobacco and e-cigarette market broadcasted that it will withdraw its pod vapes MarkTen Elite and Apex including all their e-cigarette products, green smoke, and vape flavors until the Food and Drug Administration approves through a premarket tobacco solicitation or otherwise attend to the youth issue concerning the use of e-cigs. They, however, intend to leave their tobacco, mint and mentol products in the market.

According to them, the action will proceed in reaction to the FDA’s demand in the middle of September that some four major companies that produce tobacco and vape products, as well as JUUL laboratories, provide their plans within 60 days to eradicate sales of their products to teenagers.

Atria also stated their contentment with the federal Tobacco 21 legislation of which JUUL laboratories is also in favor of. Last time we checked, 6 states and a lot of other cities have laws prohibiting the sale of tobacco to buyers younger than 21.

Since JUUL is a major component of the vape market, they seized over 70 percent of the gas stations of the vaping market, they were the target of JUUL’s demand. They have brought about a significant growth in the size of the market and threaten the tobacco companies around.

Atria feeling threatened also apply pressure on JUUL to withdraw its flavors knowing that the sale of vape products is hurting their tobacco and cigarette sales. Flavored vapes are a threat to IQOS which is an unflavored cigarette that Atria seek approval for and generally to Atria’s sales of cigarette.

Like many other people, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration is convinced that the major reason behind the youth crave for vape is the flavors and is ready to ban and enforce restrictions on e-liquids and vape flavors except tobacco also extending threats to online sales and sales in convenience stores.

According to the 2016 Deeming Rule of the FDA, they had already planned to ban flavors only that they were interrupted by the Obama White House for reasons not disclosed. Since that time, the regulatory body has been pressurized by politicians and tobacco giants to carry out its intended plan and use its supposing authority to prohibit vape flavor choices. Meanwhile, there is a bipartisan bill ready to restrict flavors.

The tobacco companies want to be in control of the market as it affects their sales and for this reason, they don’t want vape products being sold side by side tobacco products.