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Avoid Relapsing back into Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

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A presentation was made recently by Doctor Caitlin Notley at the Global Forum for Nicotine (GFN) in Poland. She said electronics cigarettes helps to avoid a regress to smoking and that’s one of a kind contribution about electronic cigarette. She included covering the consumer experiences such as switching, dual using, quitting, and occasional lenient lapse on the track to aid abstinence maintenance.

A Mental Health senior lecturer, Dr. Caitlin Notley who also happens to be a Research Fellow of the UK Society for the Study of Addiction. Dr. Caitlin Notley has an experience of over 10years in research of Addiction. Her recent research focuses on relapse prevention of tobacco smoking, and a supportive intervention was developed for women to abstain from smoking immediately after birth.

Dr. Notley chiefly explores culturally and social apt vaping aspects through her research interest in the option for nicotine delivery devices. The research also shed more light on the public health possibility of vaping for relapse prevention from smoking. In the same vein, is the E-Cigarette Trajectories (ECtra Study), taking a look at the real-life experiences of using e-cig to avoid smoking relapse: failure or success, funded by Cancer Research UK.

Caitlin Notley’s introduction states: “The e-cig is now the most popular means of putting a stop to smoking, chosen by the general populace.” Although many quit smoking successfully, many people later relapse to smoking and abstaining from smoking is very hard.” Notley argues that the factors behind the trouble to remain free from cigarettes. Firstly, the physical proportion of nicotine addiction is available. There are sensed “benefits” to smoking, they include weight management factor which is appetite reduction.

Then, smokers had to check on their habit psychologically. The cigarette is seen as useful and important when experiencing a crisis. They as well smoke cigarettes to aid reduction of stress or anxiety. Smokers relate their habit with a day break-up, joke sharing, engaging in certain activities or associates to some particular places.

In addition, the cultural proportion and their personal perspective of identity (as a smoker) build up very strong ties is greater and more than just having a cigarette for addiction or desire.

She describes vaping as a disruptive technology and therein, “it redefines the mental view of smoking cessation” and its specific importance “in relapse intervention.” Vaping does not only serve as a substitute to smoking through technology that imitates smoking, it is also full of pleasure. It is very easy for smokers to answer being “smokers” than to answer being “vapers”. She also talks about “strong subcultural element” possession. 


warningThe products available on our website are not suitable for persons under the age of 18, pregnant women, non smokers, and people with any kind of health issue.


Nicotine is an extremely addictive substance, please keep out of reach of children. If ingested please seek immediate medical assistance. Electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device or method. If you wish to stop smoking please contact your local NHS or General practitioner for advice on how to do so. These products are intended for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.


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