FDA Views on Vitamin Vape

Published by Paul Larter on 9th Apr 2019

Why should Vitamins be Introduced in Vape form?

vitamin-based e-liquids are inspired to utilize the ease for people who use e-cigarettes and vaporizers; this would ensure that they would not miss out on their daily vitamins and mineral needs by introducing the vitamins and minerals in simple inhalable form herby further eliminating the struggle in taking vitamins and minerals in pill forms. To further make it better, E-liquids also brings disposable vaporizers to the table.

Vitamin Vape Regulations

The FDA is being faced with the challenge on how to regulate this form of vitamins even though increased vitamin consumption is absolutely good and healthy for the general population. It is very noteworthy that E-liquid vitamins do not contain tobacco products thus, the same regulations and reviews enforced on electronic nicotine systems or e-liquids that contains tobacco products cannot be used as it seems largely irrational and illogical.

Vitamin Vaping Devices

Companies that are interested in selling vitamin e-liquids do not need to fear the regulations from the FDA because Vitamin e-liquids are categorized as supplements according to the FDA and products categorized as supplements are not regulated before supply to market by the FDA. That been said, The FDA could however occasionally check the e-cigarettes and vaporizers used to inhale the vitamins if they could be used as potential nicotine supply and consumption means.

Also, Companies should manufacture e-cigarettes and vaporizers that are specifically used for vitamin e-liquids consumption to further combat the possibilities of incurring FDA regulations that are imposed on companies that make use of traditional e-cigarettes or vaporizers. This would ensure quick and smooth delivery of vitamin e-liquids to the market since these products are not regulated; it would also eliminate boundaries encountered when trying to reach out to customers who are sceptic about using traditional vaping devices; thereby expanding the companies' product distribution range.

So, Can I Vape My Vitamins

E-liquid vitamins consumption, manufacture, and creation of related consumption devices like e-cigarettes and vaporizers are legal and currently unregulated by the FDA or other Drug enforcement agencies. Also, Users of e-liquid vitamins are provided with a large-scale variety like B12 vaporizers and vitamin e-liquids that are infused with essential oils ((a refined product not the actual oils) and many more healthy products by companies to make sure that users of these e-liquid vitamins find the vitamin vaping liquid and device that matches their needs and suits their taste.