London Fire Brigade Safety Warning

Published by Paul Larter on 11th Jul 2018

There is a recent report by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) supporting the use of vaping products as a safer alternative to burning cigarettes being a great way to reduce the incidence of fire outbreaks leading to the loss of properties and sometimes life. One of their spokesman highlighted that “the use of vaping products is safe because it protects both the users and neighbors from a potential fire outbreak that could lead to loss of valuable properties.”

This saying is backed by their previous records of fire incidence and they highlighted that “Smoking of cigarettes in London has caused 5,978 fire outbreaks that has led to over 416 cases of injuries as well as 76 cases of death. As a matter of fact, at least 22 cases of fire outbreaks have been recorded on a weekly basis in London for the past five years.”

This ugly trend spurred the suggestion made by the Assistant Commissioner for fire Safety that “it is better not to smoke but even if people want to, it is better to use vaping products because of the minimal risk involved. He also quickly affirmed that “many of these tragedies could have been averted if only vaping is permitted.”

“Dan Daly said “The fire risk involved in smoking cigarettes is higher compared to the low amount recorded with E-cigs.”

“Smoking is a killer and the high incidence of fire outbreaks recorded from it is alarming. It cannot be compared to the lower risk involved with vaping as cases of fire are only recorded when the device is broken or a bad charger is used to power it.”

“Failure to completely extinguish flame from cigarettes and falling asleep while smoking cigarette are common causes of fire outbreaks”

“People should always be watchful of their friends who are old, infirmed or suffering from a drug dependency and smoke as well because their sufferings may lead to their carelessness with cigarettes which can lead to fire outbreaks” – LFB advises.

Dally pushed further stating that “noticing signs of burn on carpets, clothing and household furniture of a friend who smokes cigarette is enough sign that they need help to prevent a fire outbreak. You can simply request for Fire Safety visit from London Fire Brigade or visit our website for safety tips to prevent fire outbreak”

Smoking has caused about 6.3% of fire cases and 26.1% of fire deaths

Useful advice was offered by the brigade on its website and it says “Vaping is a safe alternative to subscribe to if the idea of quitting smoking seems difficult to uphold. Cigarettes can start a fire if carelessly dropped on carpets, armchairs or duvets so save your life and property by switching to e-cigarettes which are better off in terms of safety.”

New vapers are strongly advised by the LFB to:

  • Do away with damaged e-cigarettes
  • Only use custom-made batteries and chargers with e-cigarette
  • Unplug charger before sleeping at night
  • Shun vaping close to medical oxygen