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More Doolally Nonsense from Hopkins Bloomberg

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The word “science” would be ridiculed if anything resourceful is seen in the latest article released by a self-acclaimed independent science correspondent, Carrie Arnold, titled “E-cigarette, Juuls and Heat-Not-Burn Devices: The Science and Regulation of Vaping”, published in Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine this summer.

Arnold hark reminded that “In 2014, the increase in the use of E-cigs was more prevalent among the youths and young adults.”

In the article, she is more particular about the unnecessary anti-harm reduction campaign unlike the regulation proposed by Clive Bates in another article published today. She initially anticipated for an increase in patronage of e-cigarettes as a better alternative to smokers.

Majority of the people who use vaping products in 2014 can testify that the increase in popularity of E-cigs at that time was due recommendations made by ex-smokers to their smoking adult friends to try out this new amazing technology. As a matter of fact, this product was not commonly used by children.

“There is a need to fully understand the health risk associated with these vaping products, so the right information can be instilled into policymakers and ex-smokers.”- Arnold explains to public health scientists.

The question now is – how many vapers are aware of the health risk involved in using vaping products? More scientific survey needs to be carried out to determine the level of awareness of users of vaping products about the health effect. The result is likely to be equal to the number of public health scientist that has made an attempt to provide moral support to vapers.

Ana Maria Rul once said “Proving vaping to be safer than smoking is not enough, there is still much work to do to get it approved for its safety”

More anti-vape protesters have been capitalizing on the lack of sensitization. One of them is the Micheal siegel, a protégé of Stanton (anti-vape) Glantz. He said “we are not aware that vaping is safer than smoking and there is no way to claim smoking is more harmful to the health.”

Although vapers are still asking how much safer is vaping over smoking, the Royal college of Physicians and the Public Health England both declared vaping as 95% safer than smoking. So, there is no “if” about its safety over cigarettes. Vaping is generally preferred over smoking for safety reasons.

Arnold passed a ridiculous comment:

  • “Young adults who have never tried cigarettes and smokers who are trying to consider other options are the two highest groups of vapers.
  • The range of flavors available from grape to coffee to vanilla makes this vaping product appealing to wide range of users.

Not everyone accepted this claim but they are simply regurgitated propaganda not making any significant contribution to the debate of harm reduction. The statement only points out that there is no difference in the number of ex-smokers and teenagers using vaping products nowadays. Also, it presupposes that the wide variety of flavors is intended to attract the younger generation.

Siegel claimed that “Many vaping products that are sold commercially occupying a large percentage of the market share, have been tested and no detectable level of harmful chemical have been associated with the aerosol.”

But this statement was quickly countered in his statement “The millions of users’ needs to be sensitized before they are poisoned unknowingly”

Instead of protesting to ban or regulate the use of E-cigs which will only tantamount to increase in the number of smokers, there is need for more information about vaping products. Also, public health researchers should be sincere about their lack of knowledge about vaping products and their health risk instead of claiming “we don’t know what’s in them”


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