Potential Break Through For Australian Smokers On Vaping

Published by Paul Larter on 25th Jul 2018

The Australian government has banned the sale of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes or juices with nic. This law was made after false reports tendered to a parliamentary committee by Simon Chapman and Dave Bareham. Only a few enlightened GPs who are faithful to the Hippocratic Oath are ready to save lives for whatever cost even if it takes recommending vaping products. Notable among them is Doctor Karen Counter.

Despite the pronouncement of vape products and nicotine-containing products as being illegal, doctors are still free to prescribe it to smokers if they are willing to quit smoking. Instead of allowing the deleterious health effect of smoking (cigarettes are permitted), many doctors including Doctor Counter disregard medical guidelines to put smokers to a cessation procedure through vape products.

Doctor Attila Danko informed that “Many doctors in Australia are still ignorant of the basics of combustion toxicology”

While many forward-looking countries like the United States and Canada records a daily increase in the number of people using vaping products, only one percent of the Australian population are vapers and this is majorly because the rate of smoking increases by the day with 2.4million people smoking cigarette on a daily basis. Most of these people are misinformed about vaping products and only about 30% of them have once tried vaping.


The Health Minister is an advocate of fight against vaping and this is a major challenge to the overall acceptance of the use of vaping products. He once said “The medical evidence proving the likelihood of switching to smoking is enough reason why we cannot support vaping”

Dr Counter has established a joint venture called “Nicovape” that delivers pod in the post to clients who registers; fill a questionnaire and make orders on her online platform at the rate of $10 per pod. This has made it easier for smokers to consider vaping products after getting the right prescription by a doctor. She said “we cannot sit and wait for perfect evidence while people die, it is my duty to offer help and support to people who are willing to embrace a safe alternative”

The goal of the company is clearly stated as follows: “we are driven to curtail a million cases of smoke-related illnesses and deaths in Australia by 2021. We manufacture e-cigarettes and e-liquids and we are no affiliate to any big tobacco corporation. We collaborate with leading Australian tobacco treatment specialists to provide a free online medical prescription and we supply all retailers in the Australasian region who have met the required quality manufacturing standards necessary for insurance coverage.”

The mission is “to completely eradicate the use of tobacco products ultimately putting a stop to smoking-related illnesses and death in the Australasian region. We offer safer products of high quality that are readily available for purchase online. All our products are produced in a regulated and GMP-certified environment and they are they are the only product endorsed and recommended by the Australian medical experts and association”

One of the strategies adopted by Nicovape to attract smokers is announcing free equipment to the first 5,000 customers which comes with a $50 stipend to handle any future need.

The company seeks to clear the doubts of many government officials who are no in support including the new Australian Medical Association president Tony Bartone, who once said “There is no evidence to prove that vaping products are completely safe and they are not likely to cause future health issues”

Bartone’s speech clearly shows his education is questionable and he is not worth being called a medical specialist.