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The Australian Government on Vaping......what a saddening prospective...

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The struggle for the lives of Australian smokers is taking an unpleasant turn as those who opposed ideologically to stop reduction use a large brush to paint pro-electronic cigarette campaigners as “Astroturf”. This is as a result of psychiatrists who say that the vaping ban is killing their patients; doctors claim that health professionals are offering smokers as “sacrifice” as part of their war against the tobacco industry.

Doctors have teamed up with British American Tobacco to ask the Australian government to make e-cigarettes readily available to smokers in the country. They claim that vaping offers very little damage and can actually work for heavy smokers who have been unsuccessful with other methods to quit smoking.

Doctor Wodak Alex who heads the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation said: It is very important in public health and harm reduction in general, for your intervention to be attractive to the people who are mostly at risk. In my opinion, having an active vaping community network, through distribution of vaping stores, is very essential from a public health approach.”

Dr. Mendelsohn Colin added: “The reality is that most people who smoke are unwilling or unable to quit.”

But a Sydney Morning Herald reporter dismissed the points with a hand wave and an accolade for Chapman Simon. Both of them were exceptionally derogatory about the “I deserve to be heard” campaign. Vapers and Smokers have been encouraged to make presentations to the parliament.

“Tobacco companies have been recruiting people to come forward with their presentations,” said Simon Falman, a well-known expert on tobacco control. “These are the exact same strategies used by them for plain packaging. They simply dusted off the same template, the same software, and only had the content changed.”

Everything is “astroturfing”, the retiree said with little more to occupy his time. Chapman wanted everyone to believe that such activities are only intended to create the impression of a great pro-vaping movement – but he asserts that it does not exist. None of our 50,000 forum members are in existence. None of the social media groups’ members are in existence. He said they are all big tobacco lies.

To stir up more feelings, stories about Australian children are suddenly bubbling in the media. “In my school, you can come with metal in your face and shiny blue hair. And if you need to smoke, that is fine too,” said a boss according to the Daily Telegraph of Australia.

However, the to and fro does not do anything but cover the reality of the issue, one exemplified by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. They mentioned the fact that early deaths of patients are increasing, “the mentally sick ones had more tendency to smoke and become heavy smokers, reducing their life expectancy by about 20 years when compared to the general population.”

However, Chapman would most probably state that the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists are also Astroturf.


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