The Flavour battle. Durbin’s Back, and He Hates Vape Flavors More Than Ever

Published by Paul Larter on 10th Oct 2018

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Dick Durbin believes he has the upper hand in the matter of vape products and its legality, and he has planned is to use this to get a little more votes from paranoid parents.

He says vaping is a huge conspiracy to bring this generation under nicotine addiction using e-liquid flavors and this wouldn't be so consequential if he wasn't such an influential politician.

Durbin as a Minority Whip holds the position of the second place in the hierarchy of Illinois Democrats. While their head, Chuck Schumer is perhaps the most grievous hater of vape of their council. What this implies is that if power falls to the Democrats this fall, then we all should be expecting a legal syndicate against independent commercial vape industries.

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Even now, put elections aside, Durbin has been threatening vape products. He has, as we speak, put full pressure on the Food and Drug Administration to put a constraint on the production of e-liquids. What's worse, the senator is about to make some declarations with democratic support and Murkowski of Alaska, which would eradicate the existing products of vaping industries.

Durbin had said that they have been almost successful in convincing teens to not smoke cigarettes, that they know it kills and how it is hard to find areas where smoking is permitted. He mentioned how he is convinced that vaping is representative of Big Tobacco's attempt to rekindle smoking in younger people.

In the conference which the senator had with the press, he announced the release of his bill that he called "the safe kid act" which will warrant e-liquid producers to demonstrate how their so-called child-friendly vape flavors bring about cessation, a requirement none of them can meet and he knows this.

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Senator Durbin's SAFE Kid Act is actually a movement to stop the production of all e-liquid flavors. Anyone who knows about this issue would find his claims totally embarrassing and annoying. Like how he mentioned in the conference he had with the press that if the producers of these things say it is actually to assist adults to stop smoking that why wouldn't it be directing it at adults?

It’s obvious from Durbin's discriminatory view that he knows very little about the matter as he acquires his information from opposing bodies and campaigns against the products. This makes him sound foolish but he's only taken seriously because of the position he holds in the community.