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The Relentless Pursuit of Misinformation

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It meets all expectation; it has been envisaged by many, the U.S. Government changed state and went on the flip side to society. Abruptly, citizens started thrusting negative claims into the media on television or radio, and on social media chat rooms of the universal public in America. To make things more regretful, most of the information been dispersed to the universal public was been passed by people who own prominent positions in the state. They have been totally irresponsible and responsive which in turn reveals the deceit hanging around the political landscape and affecting the entire system. Let’s check on these highlights:

Persistent Misinformation

Vaping became our savior in America, and then the buzzkillers (the campaign for Tobacco 21 and Tobacco FREE Kids) arrived. The buzzkillers implied and still imply that more or less of all the exaggerated affirmations about vaping devices, tools meant for harm reduction, is the deceptive strategy by Big Tobacco which is far from the truth.

A Credible and Esteemed Fan of Vapor

The Vape society is lucky to have many credible and esteemed supporters over the years. A logical and strong voice belonging to Dr. Micheal Siegel has been coming from academia. Dr. Micheal Siegel is highly intelligent, prominent, outspoken and experienced academic from Boston University. He continues to defend vaping lifestyle using rational analysis by facing these absurd claims coming from the anti-vaping affiliates set of people who never ceased demonizing the damage reduction vaping movement.

Truth Broken Record: “No Tobacco in Vapor Products”

These products and anti-vape organization platform are in fact two parallel lines. Vapor products are different from Tobacco. We can’t dispute the fact that recognition and official label are assigned by the FDA to all vapor products such as Tobacco which includes atomizers, lithium-ion batteries, mods, coils, etc. However, prior to this poor understanding and clouded judgment of reality, we might have a category assumption as tobacco products for all these items. Maybe the official decision makes such an exorbitant declaration have possibly permitted their inner eyes to see more of the wrong side and not the good side.

Be considerate on What is False & What is Real

It’s not surprising we might have some vapers who still feels vapor products are tobacco stating and holding onto the conception that nicotine is gotten from tobacco. Therefore, it is expected of you to also put into consideration the means through which nicotine can also be gotten from cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, laboratory synthetics, or eggplants where it is said to occur naturally. Most advocates are open to these facts.

We are all well aware of this facts but the influence by the anti-freedom, anti-vapor fanatics, and most especially, the anti-American groups on USFDA to basically to categorize and see vape devices to be tobacco. The influence on the USFDA grants them the power for regulation with serious outreach. This was made possible following the Tobacco Control Act.

Vape products should not be seen as “dangerous” – It shouldn’t be categorized as a harmful product for consumption of the general public and more harmful if exposed, and this is a vapor which its safety tendency is higher than the natural air we breathe. Vapor products should not be regarded as a product we aren’t well informed about. These are merely just points developed to feed the media and newsrooms through the Democratic Party Talking Heads who are spokespersons and partners behind the anti-tobacco movement.

The Society of Modern American Feels Uneasy

It says more about the society of modern American when we talk about speaking ill of the consumer products and for a harm reduction product to be labeled as a harmful product remains the scariest thing – thus manipulating the feel of reality. If things continue like this, our dictionaries will be inaccurate and biased very soon. It will be surprising we now get to see the word “False” meaning “True” and vice versa in the dictionary.

Of course, it is an eccentric exaggeration and nothing seem surprising to me anymore because as we can all see; this fight against vapor products and its consumption has gone more viral worldwide and there have been more eccentric exaggerated claims supported by wrong information from governments who bank on tobacco tax revenues. So, it’s left to you to make the right decision on fighting back all these feeble claims, deceits, and blatant lies or you turn a nonchalant attitude to the pathetic and “unentertaining” situation of things. 


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