Vape Tax Dropped: Official

Published by Paul Larter on 19th Sep 2018

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The UK harm reduction campaigners and 2.9 million vapers are all excited because the Government Treasury Department aborted the plans to impose a “sin tax” on vaping despite facing widespread condemnation. This report was issued last week by the Science and Technology committee and it has been officially shelved.

There was an initial bid to raise a meager £44 million through adding 5% levy on vaping products but this idea was floated by the Government ministers.

A strong advocate for the use of vaping products, Dan Marchant of the Vape Club, clearly stated” Vaping has helped three million people quit smoking and should be embraced as a public health opportunity to reduce smoking and save billions of dollars invested by the NHS. Adding extra taxes on vaping products by the Government Treasury will be detrimental to the UK’s public health and NHS, and it wouldn’t be a wise decision.”

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The vaping community became very much sensitized about the feeling of Dan and many ministers also were persuaded. The national media gained traction of this same feeling.

The Labor MP for Lewisham Deptford, Vicky Foxcroft, also stressed that “Much money used for treating diseases caused by smoking can be saved by allowing smokers take up vaping as a smoking cessation choice. More research about vaping products needs to be done so as to allow it to gain wide acceptance and distribution on the NHS”

Dr. Lion Shahab from the University College London believed “Taxation on smoking products can encourage smokers to use e-cigarettes that is less harmful instead of using tobacco products.” This was detailed in the report of the Science and Technology report.

The report further explained that “Taxes should increase as the health risk increases. This will help curtail the use of tobacco products. Also, there is a need to review the present regulations on e-cigarettes to know if there is a need for a change of policies.”

There was a new tweet that came in today stating that “The rate of smoking cessation due to the use of vaping products is very encouraging and the HM Treasury has no current plan to impose a tax on vaping products.”

This tweet is in response to writing by Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury saying “There is no intention to impose a levy on e-cigarettes”. This assurance was upheld by the UK Vape Industry Association (UKVIA).

“The vaping devices approved by the NHS could attract a lower VAT rate” This statement was made by Jenrick and he further stressed that “The UK is leading in terms of vaping industry and vaping products generates much revenue and creates more jobs to the Exchequer.