VApril - Dr Christian - Pro Vaping!

Published by Paul Larter on 11th Jun 2019

Tv’s Dr. Christian is currently visiting London as part of VApril, to call upon professionals in the medical field to encourage the public and help people understand the benefits present in switching to vaping. This struggle is a nationwide push to help promote education and awareness about the vast benefits of vaping. The main goal is to convince smokers to quit tobacco by switching to electric cigarettes.

The Vapril month is certified as the biggest consumer awareness education for the vaping industry. It is designed with its main objective being to help the over seven million smokers in the United Kingdom to quit smoking for good by switching to a less harmful alternative. Vaping has been proven to be at least 95% less harmful by Public Health England. The United Kingdom Vaping Industry Association runs Vapril as a not for profit campaign.

Best known for his part in the Channel 4 tv show Embarrassing Bodies, Dr. Christian Jessen says that the medical profession is reluctant to encourage smokers switch to vaping as a means of quitting tobacco use even with the vast amount of research proving the positive effects of switching to vaping and the many advice from public health institutions.

Vaping is responsible for helping over three million people quit or reduce smoking, thereby saving billions of pounds for the National Health Service. Dr. Christian Jessen insists that the reluctance of the medical professionals to promote the benefits of vaping putting us in danger of missing out on the enormous benefit of a smoke-free society to public health.

A constantly growing vault of proof which shows that vaping can reduce smoking-related health defects but most of the hospitals in the UK ban vaping on their grounds regardless. Dr. Christian says it's about time we became consistent in giving clear advice to the smokers out there to help fight back the misinformation being circulated about vaping.

The launch of April is simultaneous with the release of findings from a study backed by the United Kingdom's vaping industry association.

Onepoll gathered about 1790 former smokers and those trying to quit smoking using vaping. The fieldwork was carried out between the 14th and 23rd of March 2019. It indicates that almost half smokers who switch over to vaping say that the best part of the switching experience is that it makes them feel healthier while a third of them chose to try vaping for personal health reasons.

Over two-thirds of these vapers said they had never thought it possible to quit smoking until vaping came into their lives, this is despite most of them previously trying prescription nicotine replacement products like the nicotine patches.

This study currently stands as the widest on the health, financial and social benefits of vaping found that among over 3.2 million vapers, there was an average yearly saving of 346 pounds. This, therefore, equates to approximately 1.1 billion pounds per year for the NHS.

Director and spokesperson of the UKVIA, John Dunne said there are close to seven million smokers in the United Kingdom who are currently putting their health and lives in danger. We need to fix that. To be able to do that, we need to ensure a significantly scaled education on the benefits of switching to vaping, not just for smokers, but those around them too, the wider public in general. We also need to set up a system to support smokers to make the switch. It's a problem that despite the clear benefits of vaping, nearly 80% of vapers still feel judged for vaping.

By reversing the misinformation in the public, we will be able to encourage more people to switch to vaping. This will help us start the process of creating a smoke-free society. That's the point of the VApril campaign.