When you look at evidence about vaping ensure it is credible

Published by Paul Larter on 19th Jul 2018

There is a widespread broadcast of misleading information about the use of vaping products and harm reduction advocates are accustomed to seeing erroneous reports. This seemingly unending fallacy carried by reporters including Kate Pickles of Daily Mail is ridiculous. Smokers that have switched to vaping still find it unbelievable due to the enormous benefit they have derived from using these products.

ickles, a health reporter once wrote that “Vaping products are addictive and can lead to a serious health crisis in decades to come. Lung experts warn smokers from using these products”

In a recent article that clearly showed lack of thorough review before broadcast with a quote intended to balance the flaw, Pickles wrote the worst piece ever seen on the subject of harm reduction and vaping.

She started with the rant “Vaping products are highly dangerous and lung experts warn against its use”. Then she hurriedly included the copied quote “There is much evidence clearly showing that the use of e-cigarettes is harmful to the health and can be highly addictive. Major health issues can be triggered in the future if the product use is prolonged.”

The worst part is Pickles included a lame conclusion that “Vaping only uses attractive flavors to trigger an increase in the use of tobacco products. Vapers are likely to end up smoking cigarettes”. It is highly ridiculous that no question or evidence was cited to back up this erroneous claim.

This implies “E-cigarettes is a one-way bridge to smoking and its effect is similar with tobacco products.”

he Forum of International Respiratory Societies were convinced and they advocated for some adjustments. They called for:

  • Classification of e-cigarettes under “tobacco products”
  • E-cigarettes should be prohibited for teenagers and young adults
  • Adverts on e-cigarettes should be banned
  • The use of flavors should be banned
  • The use of E-cigs should be out of reach for youths and prohibited in parks.
  • More research needs to be made concerning the health dangers of e-cigarettes
  • And, more people should be employed to monitor the use of e-cigarettes.

Pickles pointed out that “the use of synthetic flavorings can be dangerous to the health just like the use of e-cigarettes that has been linked with many heart and lung diseases as well as cancer”

He also quoted the words of Tom Ferkol in the press release “Adults are not usually attracted to flavorings, so teenagers are the major target of the varieties of flavorings available including strawberries and cream and this is has gained popularity through advert placements and promotions.”

It is unfortunate that Pickles has also promoted the perceived dangers facing the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products generally and smokers are now seeing the product as equally harmful. It is highly irresponsible and amateurish for a health reporter to pioneer a revolt against the use of harm reduction products.

Pickles even refused to reply to comments and questions directed to him.