Curieux Concentrate - Phoenix 30ml

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Curieux Concentrate - Phoenix

The Phoenix flavour concentrate e-liquid is a gourmet vanilla custard combined with very subtle coconut notes.

Mixing your own DIY e-liquids means you can have the option for more or less flavouring and you can change the PG / VG Ratio of your e-liquids to your tastes. 

Curieux is not your normal type of vaping company and provides nearly unrivalled focus on what they do, perfecting it to a whole new level. 


Long-fill DIY Steps: 

Calculating Nicotine Strength: 

Divide total amount of eliquid (including nic shots, base & flavouring by 10).
...This will give you the number of parts.

Add the total amount of nicotine together & divide by the number of parts.
...this will give the final nicotine strength.

Useful Examples:

  • 140ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 30ml (3x 10ml/20mg nic shot) =3mg
  • 140ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 60ml (6x 10ml/20mg nic shot) =5.2mg
  • 140ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 80ml (8x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 6.4mg
  • 100ml (base) + 15ml (flavouring) + 20ml (2x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 2.96mg
  • 100ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 120ml (12x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 9.6mg
  • 250ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) +120ml (12x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 6mg

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