Curieux Concentrate - Krakena 30ml

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Long-fill - Curieux DIY flavour Concentrate - Krakena

Imagine taking a bite of freshly popped popcorn, drizzled with rich, buttery caramel - that's exactly what you'll experience with Krakena. The creamy texture of the popcorn is perfectly complemented by the sweet notes of caramel, creating a well-balanced flavour that is both smooth and satisfying.

The Krakena flavour concentrate by Curieux is specifically designed with DIY style vapers in mind or for people looking for high volume premium e-liquids for better price than the norm. 

Mixing your own DIY e-liquids means you can have the option for more or less flavouring and you can change the PG / VG Ratio of your e-liquids to your tastes. 

Curieux is not your normal type of vaping company and provides nearly unrivalled focus on what they do, perfecting it to a whole new level. 


Long-fill DIY Steps: 

Calculating Nicotine Strength: 

Divide total amount of eliquid (including nic shots, base & flavouring by 10).
...This will give you the number of parts.

Add the total amount of nicotine together & divide by the number of parts.
...this will give the final nicotine strength.

Useful Examples:

  • 140ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 30ml (3x 10ml/20mg nic shot) =3mg
  • 140ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 60ml (6x 10ml/20mg nic shot) =5.2mg
  • 140ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 80ml (8x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 6.4mg
  • 100ml (base) + 15ml (flavouring) + 20ml (2x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 2.96mg
  • 100ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) + 120ml (12x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 9.6mg
  • 250ml (base) + 30ml (flavouring) +120ml (12x 10ml/20mg nic shot) = 6mg

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