Curieux E-Liquid Base 80%VG - 20%PG

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Long-fill Curieux Base 140ml- 20PG/80/VG


Curieux is a a focused company, which offers superior premium e-liquids and their base is very much the same. This long-fill 80% VG option is so easy and allows you to still have that premium e-liquid you like with much less cost and also allows you the flexibility to amend the amount of flavouring, VG / PG as well as nicotine strengths to suit your specific tastes. This is available in 140ml bottles which can hold up to 250ml of liquid in either VG dominant or PG Dominant mixtures. 

Our Suggestion: 

Long-fill DIY Steps: 


  • Add the desired amount of flavouring from the 30ml bottle of flavouring into the base (Full 30ml for full flavour or top up as required) 
  • Add desired nic shots in salt nicotine or normal shots
  • Shake well and allow to settle 

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