Curieux Natural - L'Amazonien 50ml

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Curieux Natural - L'Amazonien 50ml

This unique blend of full-bodied, woody and heavy tobacco flavors is a must-try for any avid vaper who seeks a rich and satisfying vaping experience.

L'Amazonien is inspired by the lush greenery and earthy scents of the Amazonian rain forest, providing vapers with an immersive and indulgent sensation that transports them to the heart of the jungle. The woody and full-bodied tobacco notes are perfectly balanced, creating a robust flavour profile that is smooth and satisfying to the palate.

The Natural edition by Curieux is aimed at vapers looking for e-liquids of superior quality with impeccable composition. Vegetol is used as a substitute for PG, healthier and less irritating to the respiratory tract. Unlike conventional PG, it is more effective at delivering nicotine and more stable at high temperatures, tastier because Vegetol carries better aromas, and finally it is also more ECO-friendly to produce and less polluting than PG based e-liquids. 'Natural' is a complete range of all-day flavours composed of simple recipes made in France.

  • 50ml E-liquid / 60ml Bottle
  • Available only in 0mg
  • Made in France
  • PG-Free E-Liquid
  • Sucralose-Free E-Liquid
  • 50% VG / 50% Vegetol

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