Purity - Shake 'N' Vape - Torque56 50ml

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Purity - Shake 'N' Vape - Torque56 50ml

A high-quality unfiltered tobacco with no holds barred. 

  • 50ml in a 100ml bottle - with plenty of room for nic shots
  • Made in USA
  • PG50% - VG50%

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You could also mix with the Torque56 18mg for lossless flavour.

Please Note:

This is now a discounted item. Some of our stock may have passed its “Best Before Date”.

Over time, e-liquid will ‘steep’ and the flavours will develop. In many cases this is a positive experience, however, in some cases the flavour profile may change slightly. Nicotine strength may also be just slightly lower than when first bottled. Importantly, correctly bottled e-liquid does not carry a ‘use by’ date as it will be still be as safe to vape as when it was bottled.

We are unable to accept refunds or exchanges with these items.

2 Reviews

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    Proper Robust Tobacco Flavour

    Published by Nick Ford on 21st Oct 2020

    Great for reducing your nicotine dependency without any loss of real tobacco-like bite and throat hit. A 10ml. bottle of 18 mg. Torque 56 mixed into this 50ml. bottle gives 60 ml. of 3mg. Torque 56 e-liquid. Great, satisfying taste and great value for money!

  • 5
    Stop searching. It’s the best.

    Published by remi lefort on 17th Aug 2019

    If it wasn’t for this juice, I wouldn’t even vape. None of that dessert flavours or fruits that don’t even taste like fruits, or bubblegum whatever... It’s an adult juice for people who can enjoy something even if there’s no sugar in it. In my experience the closest thing to smoking. Tastes great after a meal, or while drinking alcohol or coffee. Bold yet subtle, you don’t even need to steep it, the flavour is always consistent. I’m surprised most people don’t even know it exists and that most shops in the UK don’t even sell it.

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