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Russia Encourage People to Vape

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According to the latest news, Russia is set to encourage people to start vaping. They are actively implementing a tax scheme that would potentially make vapes desirable when compared to cigarettes. This is a very interesting approach that appeared during an interview with the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

The interview was published in the Vedomosti business newspaper. Manturov states that Russia will have different regulations for cigarettes and vaping. This means The country would be unique, as they are members of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). FCTC members aren’t really focused on encouraging vaping, if anything they are against it.

Manturov says that smokers need to switch to things like electronic tobacco heating systems or ENDS. Vaping is safer according to him, so he wants to make sure that there will be laws to regulate this properly. Of course there will still be some restrictions like not smoking in schools and there will be a ban to minors as well.

In order to encourage the adoption of vapes, Russia is set to offer lower tax rates when compared to tobacco products. This type of approach does make a lot of sense for a country like Russia, where you can find a major smoking issue. But even so, it’s refreshing to see this type of approach coming from them, a country that’s mostly conservative. Yet again, this may be a sign that many countries are willing to make this change.

Based on data from the WHO, around 29.9% of Russian adults were smoking cigarettes, out of which 48.8% are men. What this means is that Russia is a country full of smokers, even more than the UK or the US that have much lower smoking rates. 

False claims by the American Chemistry Society (ACS)

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E-Cigarette Regulations in Europe

Vaping has been a subject of debate at the Third International Conference on Public Policy held in Singapore. Ben Hawkins and Stefanie Ettelt, both of which form the London of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, gave a presentation which was titled "Political controversy, the importance of electronic cigarette and regulation in Europe: A comparative study of political debates in England and Germany."A non-profit [...]

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Avoid Relapsing back into Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

A presentation was made recently by Doctor Caitlin Notley at the Global Forum for Nicotine (GFN) in Poland. She said electronics cigarettes helps to avoid a regress to smoking and that’s one of a kind contribution about electronic cigarette. She included covering the consumer experiences such as switching, dual using, quitting, and occasional lenient lapse on the track to aid abstinence [...]

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Tobacco stocks take a dive following FDA announcement

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The Relentless Pursuit of Misinformation

It meets all expectation; it has been envisaged by many, the U.S. Government changed state and went on the flip side to society. Abruptly, citizens started thrusting negative claims into the media on television or radio, and on social media chat rooms of the universal public in America. To make things more regretful, most of the information been dispersed to [...]

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Study on Smoking and Vaping During Pregnancy

Professor Linda Bauld made a speech recently about electronic cigarette and smoking used and practiced respectively during pregnancy. He quickly clarifies, based on benefits, the advantages of vaping replacing smoking via technology. Professor Bauld has never been left spent of promoting safety on the use of nicotine. In 2015, Linda was encouraging switching, “despite the unavailability of information on safety in [...]

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Get jailed for 10 years Vaping in Thailand…..Seriously?

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​Gateway Research

Last month, two studies were published, both looking into the subject of vaping as a gateway to tobacco. One, which came from Scotland, reports a link between smoking and vaping. The other, from Canada, also claimed to have data which supported the link.It will not surprise anyone that these anti-vaping work pieces are locked away, from easy access. The trio of [...]

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The Australian Government on Vaping......what a saddening prospective...

The struggle for the lives of Australian smokers is taking an unpleasant turn as those who opposed ideologically to stop reduction use a large brush to paint pro-electronic cigarette campaigners as “Astroturf”. This is as a result of psychiatrists who say that the vaping ban is killing their patients; doctors claim that health professionals are offering smokers as “sacrifice” [...]

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